Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tinfoil Hat or Common Sense?

So my daughter got flu this spring.  The doctor said that the flu shot is only 23% effective this year in North America.  The 'NORTH' part intrigued me.

I research things routinely on the Internet.  Last night I read up on what the CDC has on flu strains and how vaccines are created.  It turns out that vaccines are regional, based on flu strains expected in that region.  So if type A strain H1N1 ("swine flu") is expected in in North America, that will be included in three or four strains included in that vaccine.

The problem is that the predominant strain showed up in late August and September, after production started.  This is a H3N7 variant, which can cause more deaths statistically than the ones in the vaccine, 'extra' deaths.  Not only that, it suddenly appeared in geographically diverse locations at the same time.

This variant is well know to scientists, and has been tracked for years.  In fact, it WAS included in the cocktail for another region... Central and South America.  In other words, this deadlier strain was expected this year in that region, but not here.

So how did it get here?  In the late August and September time frame? 

Who came to this country at that time from that region?  The illegal immigrant children!  They were then dispersed across the fruited plain by the Administration.

Does this mean that the extra deaths from this flu season can be traced to the politics of the regime?  

Or did I just qualify for my tinfoil hat?

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